Promotional products saving our planet.

Ignatius Russo

With our range of Promotional Green Concepts range you can help our make the world a better place to live.

All over the world today people are more aware of climent change and the affects it can cause to the enviroment.

All Green Concepts Products promote environmentally friendly and eco friendly messages. Products include.. * Biodegradable Corn Starch Pens, Letter Openers, Pens, Notebooks ,Noteholders, Rulers ,Reusable Cotton Bags ,Pencils made from recyled materials ,Flyers ,Flashlights with hand generated power, Shower Timers and Water Drop shaped items that encouage water saving.

The corn starch Bio-degradeble promotional pen  is a popular promotional item, it looks great printed with your company details. The P144 Eco Bio-degradeble promotional pen is made from recycled paper which is perfect for any eco friendly promotion.

Simply go to our Promotional Green Concepts page, we know that you will find a product that will suit your budget.