Parker Pens have just been added to the Be Promoted pen range by our clients request. Read more...

Ignatius Russo

Parker Pens have just been added to the Be Promoted pen range by our clients request.The Parker pens featured in the range are the Parker IM, Parker Urban, Parker Frontier, Parker Jotter, Parker Sonnet and the Parker Esprit. All the Parker pen range will be engraved to uphold there prestigious style and presented in a gift box.

The Parker Urban Pen is engineered to impress and designed to perform. The Urban bullet shape combines ergonomics with art giving the perfect weight and balance making the Urban a great writing instrument, it will be sure to impress all your top end clients.

The Parker Jotter Pen is a design classic. The Jotter is known around the world for it's quality, durability and practical but simple shape. The Parker Jotter pen boasts great value for money making it perfect for that Christmas gift.

The Parker IM Pen smartly reworks Parkers expertise in matching style with function. The Parker IM boasts great detail from it's iconic arrow shape clip to it's brushed metal grip. A contemporary tapered shape meets the veratile appeal of metal in a modern retake of Parkers style.

The Parker Sonnet Pen is one of Parkers most popular, The Sonnets modern design and it's contemporary and timeless style make it a perfect choice if you are looking to impress your special clients.The Parker Sonnet pen feels great and writes beautifully making it one of Parkers master pieces. 

Parker pens are known around the world making it a household name, when people mention the name Parker we automaticaly think style, perfect balance and comfort. All the Parker range come in a range of prestigious colours where you will be sure to find one that will suite your style and corporate image.