Hot Tips on how to buy promotional products.

1. Allocate a budget

2. How many promotional products are you thinking of ordering?

3. Are the gifts for men, women or both?

4. How old are the people you are looking at marketing to?

5. What kind of business are you thinking of targeting?

6. Do the promotional products need to reflect the business you are in?

7. Do you need promotional items to increase traffic to your trade show booth?

8. Are the promotional products for a client appreciation day?

9. Will the promotional merchandise be used as a Christmas gift?

If so who are they for?

Your staff or clients?

10. How much time do you have?

11. Are you looking for something that is fun or serious?

12. Does the item need to have the WOW factor?

13. Is perception important?

Does the item need to look more expensive than what it actually is?

14. Are promotional caps or promotional clothing more suited?



 The majority of promotional products can be printed or engraved. Printing on promotional items is the most cost effective as engraving costs more to set up and produce. A one colour print is just as effective as a 2 or 3 colour print, but at a much lesser cost. Additional colour prints are expensive and often increases the cost of the promotional merchandise dramatically.

Some promotional products are unsuitable for engraving, such as promotional anti stress items or plastic key rings. Promotional anti stress products is a fun way to promote any business. No two anti-stress items, are exactly the same shape or colour. Exact PMS matches not possible on anti stress products. Ink density may vary between items. Stipples and half tones not recommended. Solid type and reverse print not recommended on anti stress items. Squares and rectangles on some round shapes may cause optical illusion. Anti-stress items , anti-stress balls and anti-stress products are for squeezing to reduce stress and for fun. White ink can be transparent. Anti-stress balls or any anti stress product are not suitable for children under 3 or pets. Silver or Gold print are recommended and are the most dense ink colour on most colours.

Promotional apparel can be screen printed or embroidered. The most popular form of decorating apparel is embroidery. Screen-printing is most cost effective in very large quantities. Embroidery always looks great and is long lasting. Over time the print on screen-printed clothing may crack and not look as good as embroidery.