Promotional Anti Stess Balls Round

S1 Anti-Stess Round Ball
Prices from: $0.90
Promotional Anti-Stess Round Ball. Colours: Red,Yellow,Green,Orange, Black,White,Pink,Silver,Gold,Blue,Purple, Size: 63mm
S11 Anti-Stress Tennis Balls
Prices from: $0.99
Promotional Anti-Stress Tennis Ball. COLOURS:  Green ball with White lines.  ITEM SIZE: 63mm diameter..
S12 Anti-Stress Golf Ball
Prices from: $0.99
Promotional Anti-Stress Toy Golf Ball. COLOURS: White with dimples . ITEM SIZE: 63mm diameter.
S13 Anti-Stress Soccerball
Prices from: $0.99
Promotional Anti-Stress Soccerball. COLOURS: White Soccer Ball with Black spots. ITEM SIZE: 63mm diameter. .
S14 Anti-Stress Basketball
Prices from: $0.99
Promotional Anti-Stress Basketball. COLOURS: Orange Basketball with Black lines. ITEM SIZE: 63mm diameter.
S15 Anti-Stress Baseball
Prices from: $0.99
Promotional Anti-Stress Baseball. COLOURS: White baseball with Red printed stitching.  ITEM SIZE: 63mm diameter.
S16 Anti-Stress Cricket Ball
Prices from: $0.99
Promotional Anti-Stress Cricket Ball. COLOURS: Maroon or White  ITEM SIZE: 70mm diameter..
S21 Anti-Stress 2 Colour World Globe
Prices from: $0.99
Promotional Anti-Stress 2 Colour World Globe. COLOURS: Features blue sea with green continents.  ITEM SIZE: 63mm diameter .
S76 Anti Stress Hackey Sack Ball
Prices from: $1.06
Promotional Anti-Stress Hackey Sack Ball. Great for sporting companies. ITEM SIZE: 63mm diameter
SS005 Anti Stress Standing Earth Ball
Prices from: $1.35
Promotional Anti-Stress Standing Earth Ball. Great for any promotion. ITEM SIZE: 63mm x 80mm

General Information

Stress Balls, what are they used for?

No.1 You can use stress balls to relieve anxiety and stress.

No.2 You can use stress balls to promote your business.

No.3 You can even have fun with these items.

Physical or mental pressure is one of the leading causes of non productivity in the work place. Studies show that health problems caused by anxiety have increased greatly over the last decade. Stress Balls are a good option to relieve undue stress.

Business can use these items to show their gratitude to their clients. We can print your logo or message on the stress balls so when your clients are using these items they will be reminded of your company.

All of our stress balls are listed on our website along with pricing and quantity discounts. We also have a large range of shapes and colors to choose from. We are confident that you will find something that will suit your budget and corporate image.