General Information

If you send advertising through the mail or do letterbox drops you should include a fridge magnet. Every time you deliver to a customer and don't include a fridge magnet, an opportunity may be passing you by.

Fridge magnets work for your business all day everyday, 365 days a year. They are a very cost effective form of advertising. For an average cost of $0.42 you will be in your clients face all day every day.

Put your name on the fridge in every household in your sales area. When a buyer is looking for your service make sure it is you they call.

Be Promoted offers a good range of promtional fridge magnets in a vast range of sizes, shapes,colours and prices and all fridge magnets can be printed with your logo. Fridge magnets can be custom made to suit any occassion.

Be Promoted will be more than happy to provide mock up artwork for your promotional fridge magnets prior to printing.

 You can choose from the selection of promotional fridge that's on our webiste or request a quote for a custom made fridge magnet.