General Information

Promotional confectionery is a fantastic way to get your business name and logo out there for people to see.

Promotional confectionery makes a great promotional gift as clients enjoying the lollies and toffees you have given them will be pleasently reminded of your business name and logo. Ranging from low cost items like mint cards to large drums of lollies not only are all these lollies good enough to eat they can all be branded with your companies logo,details or message.

Be Promoted offers a good range of promotional confectionery and lollies in a vast range of flavours and all the containers that the lollies come in can be printed with your logo.

We offer a range of jelly beans, dynamints, mini mints, toffees, lollipops, m&m's and fruticas to suit many budgets and requirements.

Our staff will be more than happy to provide mock up artwork for your promotional confectionery prior to printing.

All promotional confectionery is priced on our website to make chosing the right lolly or toffee for you, easy.