Clocks / Calculators

General Information

Clocks and Calculators are a fantastic way to get your business name and logo out there for people to see.

Branded Clocks and Branded Calculators are a great corporate gift idea. The on-going marketing exposure you will get with a customised logo on a calculator or clock on your clients desk every single day will be extremely beneficial?

View our range of calculators and clocks from budget branded options through to value for money high end options. Desk clocks offer great brand exposure as users will see your logo whenever they check the time and desk or pocket calculators are a great tool to have your companies name and details in front of clients as they won't be able to miss your logo every time they have to add or subtract numbers.

We offer a good range of clocks and calculators in a range of shapes, sizes and prices and all clocks and calculators can be printed with your logo.

Be Promoted will be more than happy to provide mock up artwork for your clocks and calculators prior to printing. All promotional clocks and promotional calculators are priced on our website to make chosing the right clock or calculator easy for you