Novelty and Miscellaneous Items

K69 Dog Tag Necklace - Engraved
Prices from: $1.80
Dog Tag Necklace - Laser Engraved.
LL001s Monte Carlo Luggage Tag
Prices from: $1.10
Monte Carlo Luggage Tag
LL0166s Folding Nail File
Prices from: $0.86
Hard case foldable nail file in pouch.
ll0504s Cow Bells
Prices from: $2.40
Cow Bells are perfect for sporting events.
LL134s Promotional Happy Hand Klapper
Prices from: $1.10
Promotional Happy Hand Klapper.
LL1634s Compact Pop Up Brush/Mirror Set
Prices from: $1.59
Compact Pop Up Brush/Mirror Set.
LL1822s E.V.A. Foam Adjustable Visors
Prices from: $1.56
E.V.A. Foam Adjustable Visors.
LL2004s Clear Rectangular 6 Compartment Pi...
Prices from: $0.77
Clear Rectangular 6 Compartment Pill Box.
LL2006s Vogue Promotional Nail File
Prices from: $0.85
Vogue Promotional Nail File.
LL2006s Vogue Promotional Nail File Full C...
Prices from: $1.37
Vogue Promotional Nail File.
LL2008s Pink / Blue Salon Size Emery Boards
Prices from: $1.11
Two Tone Nail file in PVC Pouch. 
LL2759s Fling Thing Folding Flyer
Prices from: $1.98
Promotional Fling Thing Folding Flyer.
LL429s Rainbow Spring Thing
Prices from: $2.79
Rainbow Spring Thing.
LL601s White Microfibre Lens Cloth
Prices from: $1.73
White Microfibre Lens Cloth.
LL60s White Plastic Button Badge
Prices from: $0.93
White Plastic Button Badge.
LL6201s Standard White Yo-Yo
Prices from: $1.17
Standard White Yo-Yo.
LL653s Promotional Bubbles in Bottles
Prices from: $1.65
Promotional Bubbles in Bottles.
LL678s Clear Magnifying Bookmark Ruler
Prices from: $1.65
Clear Magnifying Bookmark Ruler.
LL683s Promotional Round Folding Mirror
Prices from: $1.06
Promotional Round Folding Mirror.
LL726s Instant Liquid Hand Sanitizer
Prices from: $2.53
Instant Liquid Hand Sanitizer.
LL8038s Hand Held Plastic Fans
Prices from: $1.88
hand Held Promotional Plastic Fans.
LL808s White Sliding Tile Puzzle
Prices from: $1.11
White Sliding Tile Puzzle.
LL857s Promotional Sewing Kit
Prices from: $1.56
Promotional Sewing Kit .
LL891s White Sliding Tile Puzzle Ruler
Prices from: $1.55
White Sliding Tile Puzzle Ruler.
P119 Promotional Maze Pens
Prices from: $0.32
Promotional Maze Pens.  
PL801 Promotional 220mm Frisbee
Prices from: $2.18
Promotional 220mm Frisbee.
PL820 Promotional Mini Frisbee
Prices from: $1.70
Promotional Mini Frisbee.
R1014 PVC Bookmark Magnifier Ruler
Prices from: $1.67
PVC Bookmark Magnifier Ruler.

General Information

Using these novelty items to promote your business is a fun way to get your business name and logo noticed in the market place.

These promotional items make great gifts as people using your promotional merchandise on a regular basis will constantly be reminded of your business name and logo.

We offer a good selection of novelty items in a good range of sizes, shapes and colours. We are sure that you will find something that will suit your budget.

Just ask our staff at Be Promoted to provide mock up artwork for your promotional products prior to printing.

All promotional novelty items are priced on our website to make chosing the right promotional product for you, easy.