GW100 Beer Stein
Prices from: $7.15
Large 500ml Beer Stein..
GW200 Footed Beer Glass
Prices from: $7.15
Classy 345ml Footed Beer Glass .
GW300 Brasserie Beer Glass
Prices from: $7.15
425ml Brasserie Beer Glass .
GW400 250ml Wine Glass
Prices from: $6.15
Elegent 250ml Wine Glass.
GW500 547ml Wine Glass
Prices from: $8.15
Elegant Bordeaux 600ml Wine Glass.
GW600 190ml Champagne Flute
Prices from: $6.15
Striking 190ml Champagne Flute Glass.
GW700 Straight Edge 225ml Scotch Glass
Prices from: $6.15
Straight Edge 290ml Scotch Glass.
GW800 Boston 34ml Shot Glass
Prices from: $2.50
Boston 34ml Shot Glass.
GW900 Boston 60ml Shot Glass
Prices from: $3.10
Boston 34ml Shot Glass.

General Information

Personalised glasses are a fantastic promotional item, they make an ideal gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and christenings or any corporate event.

We have a good range of glassware to suit many needs. Our range of promotional glasses come customised with laser engraving just to add that personal touch.

Glasses make a great promotional item for companies and clubs of all types. We carry wine glasses, champagne flutes, shot glasses, beer steins and scotch glasses just to name a few styles.